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Our Engineering Solutions will help you monitor and improve the performance & reliability of your fleet components, extend your fleet service life and easily implement retrofit & modification campaigns.

Technical Support : Aircraft Life Assessment Program
Retrofit & Modification Management
Aircraft Components Reliability Program

Technical Support:
AICRAFT Life Assessment Program

For every service we provide our customers with, our teams of engineers will help you monitor and identify components generating operational disturbance, give you recommendations to increase your fleet reliability.

You will benefit from the largest OEM community worldwide and get the best technical insights from the components manufacturers (OEM). That way, you will always be one step ahead and be aware of the latest component configurations and in-service status.

Life Assessment Program Scope :

  • Monitoring of components reliability & implementation of corrective measures
  • Adaptation of stock configuration to match fleet modification standards
  • Implementation of new standards and pro-active modifications proposals.
  • Tri-partite technical reviews with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM)
  • Predictive maintenance & access to online customer portal

Retrofit & Modification Management

 Whether you need to retrofit your legacy fleet, or upgrade your systems to the latest technologies, we are able to assist you.

Our relationship with OEM gives us full visibility and valuable insights to help you pro-actively prepare and implement new service bulletins (SB) and airworthiness directives (AD).

We will analyze and measure the interest of implementing these modifications, and recommend you with the right action plan, ahead of schedule.

Moreover, we will translate Service Bulletins & Airworthiness Directives into a clear and detailed maintenance planning list, and provide you with the necessary kits and tools.


AICRAFT COMPONENTS Reliability Program

Every operator needs to ensure the constant monitoring of its aircraft components reliability and performance.  This is a must to ensure that aircraft maintenance planning tasks are effective, and effective enough to reduce your overall maintenance costs.

These efforts are mandatory to comply with airworthiness authorities. However, it is a time-consuming job that can even be harder to perform for smaller organizations, often lacking the internal resources to fulfill these obligations.

Throughout the life of your components, we will monitor their behaviour, identify specific triggers that could lower your aircraft operational performance and give you detailed reports of actions to implement to maximize your fleet in-service time.

Reliability Program Scope :

  • Quarterly Reliability Reports
  • Monthly Removal Reports
  • Shop Find Reports Management
  • Access to Online Technical Portal
  • Scheduled and on-demand meetings with OEMs

Added Value

All-in-one support

OEM Insights

Customized Assessment Programs

Online Customer Portal

Single Point of Contact

Latest Forecasting Technology


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