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Customs clearance is key to a secured & efficient supply chain. As an Authorized Economic Operator, we are constantly maintaining the highest degree of safety & security to our supply chain to ensure your goods arrive safe and in time.

Import - Export
Consulting Services


Our 50+ years’ experience in the Aerospace Supply Chain have allowed us to develop tailored solutions to answer customers’ customs clearance requirements and administration.

We manage and advise you on how to set up the most efficient customs processes. We help you decrease your costs by limiting the multiplication of intermediaries in your Supply Chain, and minimize tax and duties as much as possible.


  • Definitive, temporary imports & re-importation
  • Coordination with your freight forwarders and handlers
  • Pick-up of goods from your freight forwarder or handler
  • Tax & Duties Optimization


  • Permanent, temporary, anticipatory & re-export
  • Packaging (according to ATA 300 SPEC)
  • Documentation Management (EASA form 1, FAA form 1)
  • Invoicing Management
  • Trade of goods declarations

Web Portal

  • Real time stock visibility
  • Monitoring of all in and out movements
  • Live tracking of parts, turnaround time performance & KPIs


Our team of customs and taxes experts will give you insights about everything you need to know regarding customs clearance processes as well as total transparency about the whole process your shipment will go through until it reaches its final destination, including :

Taxes Representation

Customs diagnosis & VAT

Advising on import licenses, classification, valuation, duty reliefs, etc.

Overall customs clearance process assessment and recommendations


Added Value

Control Tower Oversight

Real-Time Customer Portal

Authorized Economic Operator

Air Waybill Edition



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