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Our Storage, Inventory Management & Hotline Solution will enable you to add flexibility to your supply chain thanks to our innovative approach. Our forecasting technology will enable us to ensure your demands and your customers’ are met at the best service level.

Inventory Management & Hotline


Well-thought & effective storage solutions are a must have in the organization of an industrial company, to safely store and quickly retrieve the parts when needed.

Our storage facilities, located close to international airports (Paris, Dubai, Atlanta, Singapore) guarantee state-of-the-art delivery performance. Our warehouses are all temperature and hygrometry-regulated.

Furthermore, we keep your assets in the ideal environment to maximize their shelf-life, ensure their proper functioning when they will be needed. We will make sure to maximize the space allocation to reduce your storage costs to the bare essential.

Whatever their size and nature, we store your equipment, piece parts & tools according to your requirements.  From shelving to pallet-racking through bulk, we have the right storage solution for you.

Inventory Management & Hotline

We will manage and monitor your inventory, maximize your equipment shelf life and answer your customers’ demands for you.

This will help you reduce your inventory costs, and maximize your revenue stream. Indeed, we will always be on the lookout to provide you with the best sales opportunities.

You will have full visibility of your operations through our Warehouse Management System & live customer portal. Moreover, our 24/7/365 hotline will act as your control Tower. We will ensure a permanent communication with you and your customers, giving you total transparency.

Additionally, we can provide you with a broad range of added value activities, including labeling, bundling, packing, re-packing, raw materials sourcing, and kitting.


Added Value

Control Tower Oversight

Hotline 24/7/365




Online Customer Portal

Single Point of Contact

Integrated Customs Management

IATA Certification

Authorized Economic Operator


Got an AOG ? Our AOG Desk is available 24/7/365 on-site and acknowledges your request in 1 hour.  Buy, Lease, Exchange and receive the aircraft components you are looking for in no time.

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