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Our dedicated Supply Chain Services for OEM will enable you to maximize your logistics efficiency and optimize your costs.

Storage & Inventory Management
Hotline & Contract Management
3PL / 4PL
Sales Support & Business Development
Transportation & Customs Management

Storage & Inventory Management

Our multiple warehouses facilities, located in strategic airport hubs locations will allow you to store your equipment, piece parts & tools, ready to be shipped to your destinations and your customers’.

Our storage capabilities include shelving, pallet-racking and bulk, to meet your equipment requirements. We will keep you updated by giving your regular stock status, while also monitoring the shelf life of your equipment, in order to optimize your inventory.

You will be provided with optimal visibility of your operations through constant communication in total transparancy. Our warehouse management system & dedicated experts will help you find the best course of action to optimize your stock levels and exceed your service levels requirements.

OEM Hotline 24/7 & Contract Management

Our Original Logistics platform will always stay in touch with you thanks to our 24/7 AOG hotline dedicated to answer both your customers’ demands and your own.

Acting as your Control Tower to ensure permanent communication and coordination of your Supply Chain and processes, our Logistics Experts will process all orders, pack and ship your products according to your needs.

You will also benefit from a dedicated Account Manager, ensuring proper compliance with your customized processes, who will inform you on a daily basis about your overall Supply Chain performance, as well as provide you with tailored reporting and insights to optimize your Supply Chain.


3PL / 4PL

As an approved OEM distributor across the Aviation Industry and thanks to our close relationship with Airlines and Operators, we can also act as your distributor worldwide.


With 5 facilities across every continent and a constant will of expanding our network where our customers and partners need us, we get your products on your and your customers’ doorstep.


Our component support activity with Airlines as well as our many OEM customers will enable us to lower your supply chain costs and realize greater economies of scales through the sharing of Logistics means and grouping.


Whether for production, final assembly line (FAL) or the Aftermarket, we’ve been successfully distributing spare parts, LRUs, SRUs and piece parts to the aerospace industry for more than 50 years.

OEM Sales Support & Business Development

We also provide you with direct access to our worldwide airline customer base, and constantly look for new business opportunities on your behalf.

Our day-to-day exchanges with airlines, as well as our  direct & digital marketing channels, will give your products and aftermarket services utmost visibility and attractiveness.

We can also integrate you into our Power-by-the Hour programs. You will be part of long-term component support agreements with Airlines, and become a member of our OEM community.

You will then be able to distribute your parts through  our pool access and repair management offerings. That way, you can secure your business and capture a regular flow of repairs towards your stations.

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Transportation & Customs Management

To further increase your Supply Chain efficiency, and in order to guarantee a state-of-the-art delivery performance to your customers, we have integrated the customs clearance processes and transportation coordination into our Original Logistics Platform Solution.

We manage your import and export processes as well as all the documentation related to customs clearance. We will coordinate all processes and logistics with your freight forwarders and handlers, or use our own logistics network, as you prefer.

We handle these time-consuming tasks for you so that you can re-allocate your internal resources to more value-added tasks. As an Authorized Economic Operator and IATA-certified freight forwarder, we have the skills and expertise to ensure your Supply Chain is always running smoothly and cost-effectively.

Added Value

Hotline 24/7/365

Control Tower Oversight

Optimum Use of Assets

Online Customer Portal

Single Point of Contact

IATA Certification

Authorized Economic Operator


Got an AOG ? Our AOG Desk is available 24/7/365 on-site and acknowledges your request in 1 hour.  Buy, Lease, Exchange and receive the aircraft components you are looking for in no time.

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