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The A220 is the latest Airbus aircraft to enter into service after its acquisition in 2018 from Bombardier. We have capitalized on our worldwide support experience to tailor a A220 worldwide component support.

Mission & Performance
Program Sheet
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A220 Story

The A220, originally developed by Bombardier under the name C-Series, was acquired by Airbus in 2018, through the acquisition of a 50,01% stake. The program was rebranded under the name Airbus A220. Existing in two variants, the A220-100 and A220-300, the aircraft was developed and is still built in Bombardier facilities in Quebec.


The first A220 airframe, an A220-100 registered C-FBCS, made its first flight from Montreal-Mirabel International Airport, and was certified by Transport Canada on December, 17th, 2015. The first A220-100 was delivered to Swiss International Airlines in June 2016.

5 months later, the larger A220-300 was first delivered to the Latvian flag carrier Air Baltic in November 2016 and made its first commercial flight from Riga to Amsterdam on December, 2016.

Mission & Performance

According to Airbus, the A220 is “the smallest jetliner in their product line”, with “unbeatable efficiency and comfort”.


Overall, the A220 series of airframes is marketed as providing “10% lower costs per trip than large single-aisle aircraft,” a capability that allows operators to serve “sectors that were previously unprofitable or impossible.”


Program Sheet

A220 - 100 (CS100)

  • Maximum Passenger Capacity : 127
  • Maximum Range : 2,950 nm
  • Engine : x2 | PW1519G or PW1521GA or PW1524G
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW): 134,000 lbs
  • Maximum Landing Weight : 115,500 lbs
  • Wingspan : 115 ft. 1 in.
  • Length : 114 ft. 9 in.
  • Height : 37 ft. 8 in.

A220-300 (CS300)

  • Maximum Passenger Capacity : 145
  • Maximum Range : 3,200 nm
  • Engine : x2 | PW1521G-3 or PW1524G-3
  • Maximum Takeoff Weight (MTOW)(lb.) : 149,000
  • Maximum Landing Weight (Lb.): 129,500
  • Wingspan : 115 ft. 1 in.
  • Length : 127 ft.
  • Height : 37 ft. 8 in.

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