OEMServices launches new website


OEMServices has become one of the main providers of component and logistics services within the aerospace sector.

This achievement deserves a brand-new website: one which the company is proud to unveil today.

OEMServices launches new website


OEMServices has interconnected the entirety of the aviation market since 1973. Originally conceived as an AOG Desk provider for OEMs, the company has developed its offer in order to become a leading MRO and Supply Chain specialist, providing the Industry with Aircraft Component Maintenance Support, further complimented by MRO, Logistics and Engineering Solutions.


The site’s most eye-catching feature that visitors will notice will be the sleeker look and feel than the old website; a direct consequence of the face lift it has purposely received.


Through the new website, visitors will be able to easily understand OEMServices’ global range of solutions for the Aerospace Industry in just a few clicks. Amongst its many features, the new website will facilitate the establishment of contact with the firm’s experts, in an effort to deliver responses in a more receptive, meticulous and optimal manner.


Furthermore, and closely related to its core value of sharing expertise with its aviation community, OEMServices will soon be launching a blog in order to connect experts from around the world and deliver meaningful insights to the Aviation trade and its spillover industries.


Didier Granger, President of OEMServices, said “It is time for OEMServices to value its offer and further reinforce its notoriety. Our ambition is to respond efficiently and effectively to any kind of demand from any kind of customer and moreover, as much as possible inspire our community.”

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